Monday, June 21, 2010

US - Day 12

Hi all,

Well today we are with Living Hope Church in Vancouver, Washington.  These guys do an amazing job, they have a whole heap of campus' and just keep seeing people saved week after week.  Last night we got Theresa's famous home made shepherds pie and yes it is famous for a reason.  But today we had a meeting planning the 5 services on tonight and tomorrow, then onto Portland downtown to find an apple store for some badly needed repairs to my quickly ailing computer.  By 3 we were at Living Hope MALL campus, yes they have a massive auditorium in the middle of a Westfield mall, picture instead of David Jones at Marion, a church, and that's literally what it is like.  So people wandering through the mall walk past church, hear the music or preaching, sit in for a while and find Jesus.  Awesome.  

2 services tonight went really well, everyone has been so kind to us from the security guys, to the green room staff to the admin staff to the sound guy, Roy, who is possibly the happiest, most optimistic sound guy I have ever met.  

Lets see how we go tomorrow.

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