Wednesday, June 9, 2010

US - Day 2

So, Day 2.  More Mustangs, SUV's and Starbucks.......Went to Laguna Beach this morning.  Very cool place indeed, a very arts based town so lots of cool gift shops and art galleries. We also went to possibly the best bakery ever, and trust me I've been to alot of bakeries!!!  Some great waves too, there was a really small section where waves would hit this massive rock and peel into some nice 3-4 footers.  

Then onto Southlands for a BBQ dinner and info session for the Urban Renewal conference.  Great to see some familiar faces including some of the guys we spend time with in Dubai last year.  Urban Renewal conference starts tomorrow so very excited to get the 'tour' part underway.  Anyway, time to sleep, there's some shopping in the morning.... keep you posted.  Lovsies!!!

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