Saturday, June 12, 2010

US - Day 4

Before I start recalling the tales of the day, lets start with a few tips for any traveller from Aus to US.

1 - If you cant find it in Wallmart, you are not looking hard enough.
2 - When ordering food, small is not small, it is large.  Large means you are likely to vomit shortly after finishing it.
3 - You are never far away from a Starbucks.
4 - Look both ways before crossing the road, seriously.
5 - Coffee is more common than water.
6 - Wi-fi is more common than air.
7 - Manners are essential, you can only get away with being a typical Aussie for so long.
8 - If someone doesn't understand you, just say it again with an American accent, you'll be fine.

Ok, day 4.

Top notch preach from JD in the first session followed by Chris Wienand.  Rockford Harbour guys lead the nights worship and Mike Erre preached.  Brilliant preach, funny, seriously funny and profound.  One of those preaches that connects life questions to life answers, cool.

John and Tracey, Tom is fine, sends his love and wishes he could be here to write it himself.......

Catch ya

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  1. Thanks Nat, really appreciate the update. We can feel Tom's smile all the way home, know he would be having a great time. He is around great people, and he is a responsible young man so know he is going fine. I think writing something to us is probably the last thing on his mind but give him our love.