Wednesday, June 16, 2010

US - Day 6

Sorry I have been slack but I'll be up to date shortly.

Sunday at Southlands.  Morning service was amazing, there is nothing more moving that singing a song about how much God loves us with an amazing picture of the cross literally next to you (check the pictures).  Night service was brilliant, Mike Pilivachi preached an amazing message on the voice of God and backed it up with some practical prophetic training.  What was amazing is that he facilitated rather than demonstrated, and allowed everyone to contribute, a very valuable lesson in trust, grace and truth.  But the time at Southlands has been more than conferences, great preaching, music, Ray G's and Brea Guitar Centre.  Although those have been incredible....., we have been honoured to meet some amazing people who have poured out love and kindness on a bunch of Aussie strangers.  We are truly thankful for the hospitality of Southlands and look forward to growing these friendships.  Tomorrow is something different so very much looking forward to it.

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